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Many of us, I am sure, had a moment where we thought we could be songwriters. In my case, Taylor Swift, Paramore, and teen angst were the culprits. I wrote horrible and cliché lines that I would later print out to show my friends. Singer-songwriters were just as important to me as my literary heroes. This goal of becoming a songwriter then dissipated with the sad realization of my lack of musical talent. But I continued writing.

I spent my college years writing almost every day, which is not a surprise since I chose to study Spanish Literature and Language…

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Un día decidí convertirme en copywriter. Sucedió mientras me estaba preparando para irme de intercambio. No tenía dinero e iba a tener que encontrar un trabajo. La escritura persuasiva o copywriting parecía una excelente opción después de que vi unos videos en Youtube y leí algunos artículos. Era estudiante de Literatura que había tomado una clase de marketing y gestión empresarial en prepa. ¿Qué tan difícil podía ser?

Me sentía preparada. Claro que podría escribir para redes sociales y páginas web. Todo lo que hacía en clases era escribir ensayos y artículos. Leí a los post-estructuralistas y analicé la literatura…

One day I decided to become a copywriter. It happened when I was getting ready for my year abroad and realized that I had no money. Copywriting seemed like a great option after watching a couple of YouTube videos and reading an article. After all, I was a Literature student who had taken one marketing class and Business Management from the IB curriculum.

I felt confident that I could write for social media and websites. All I ever did in my classes was write essays and articles anyway. I had read the post-structuralists and analyzed experimental Latin American literature. …

Andrea Zúñiga

Copywriter obsessed with stories.

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